Hotel, Shower, Hot tub, Bed.

After a good nights sleep we woke up early but Jerry told us to go back to bed because it was 36 degrees outside and the wind was blowing. We stayed in bed until about 8:30. We packed up the car and headed back out to the Slickrock parking lot to give the trail another whirl. This time we would ride the hard way, counter-clockwise. The trail actually seemed easier, there were some harder up hills but it seemed like there were fewer of them. We rode the trail in about 2 ½ hours. We only passed a few people riding as it was still a pretty cool morning.

We headed back into town after we were done riding and check the weather report again, more bad weather to come. We decided we would go to the Moab brewery and hang out for a while to kill some time. We played some pool and ate some awesome pork nachos.

After the brewery we thought we would go around and check out some of the bike shops. I wanted to get a biking jersey from Moab. I ended up getting a jersey from Poison Spider Bike Shop.

After we were done shopping we headed out to Castle Valley to camp near Castleton tower. The weather looked like it was going to hold out for us on Friday so that would be the day we climbed the tower.

It was early when we arrived at our campsite and it was cold, we stayed in the car for a while before heading out and setup camp. After we got the tent setup we all made some dinner.

After dinner it was still very early but we didn’t want to head back into town so we crawled in the tent and went to sleep around 8:00.

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