Last Day in Moab.

We headed into town about 7:30 and grabbed breakfast at the Moab dinner. The food was great and the price was cheap which was even better. We met up with Charles and Jon and headed out to Potash Road again to do one last bit of climbing before we headed home. Jon lead a 5.11b named Unknown, we all top roped it. It was a very balancey route that required you to grab a Gaston towards to the top of the route to make on of the final moves. I just couldn’t believe how balancey it was.

We then headed down the cliff to a route that Katie wanted to lead. We had to wait for these guys to climb it, so I talked Jon into climbing a 5.11a face climb next to it called Shadowfax. I cleaned the route and finished it after falling once. Finally after the other guys were done climbing; we finally got on the route and Katie lead her way up it. When she was done I was getting ready to climb it and she pulled the rope thinking no one was going to climb it. So, I got to lead it, it was a fun easy lead route. There were some older gentlemen there taking some pictures for a traveling photo class they were taking, so hopefully they got some good pictures of us climbing.

We headed into town a grabbed a bite to eat before heading out of town. We left Moab about 6:30 p.m. Jerry was the first driver; he drove all the way to Vail, Co where we stopped for gas. I then drove to Julesburg, Co.

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