Day 2 – Mexico

We all probably woke up around 8 or so and headed down to have breakfast. Again it was a beautiful day; however we had to wait until 10am to get our first ice cold beverage. We spent most of the day just lying on the beach. Casey and I took our turn in the ocean trying to body surf.

Mom and Tanya walked around and looked at some of the small shops in the area and bought a couple things.

We really didn’t do much this day except for drinking and relaxing.

For our evening adventure we headed into the marine area via the public bus. This was very interesting since for those of you that know mom doesn’t do well in fast and crazy driving situations when she isn’t in control. We rode the bus for probably 20 minutes which was plenty long for mom she was more than ready to get off.

We got off the bus at the marina where we had decided to take part in the Pirate Ship Dinner Show. The loaded a authenticate pirate ship and set sail out into the bay where we were entertained by the cast on site with different skits and a pirate show. Half way through the show we headed down below in the ships belly for a fantastic dinner of steak and scrimp. It was one of the best steaks I have had in a long time. After dinner we headed back upstairs to the deck of the ship for the rest of the show. The whole cruise lasted 3 or 4 hours.

After the cruise we were provided with free transport back to the resort via a nice site seeing bus.

Once we got back to the resort we drank a few more drinks and got a late night snack from one of the food bars and then headed to bed.

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