Day 3 – Still in Mexico

The third day started about the same as day 2 except we waited a little while longer to start drinking. We drank several glasses of water at breakfast.

Again we headed to the beach to relax in the sun. Casey and I thought we would give boogie boarding a try this time. We where able to catch a couple of good waves but that was it.

Around 2 or so we headed out to the front of the resort to catch a cab to the marina again. This time it was just Tanya, Casey and I. We were going to go on a canopy adventure through the mountains around Puerto Vallarta. Mom decided to stay back and do some shopping, hanging from a wire 400 feet off the ground isn’t her idea of fun.

After getting to the marina we loaded a navy seal like inflatable speed boat and cruised across the bay to a small port on the other site. We were flying across the water at around 60 mph. After arriving in the small port area we had to wait for about 30 minutes for our ride to get there that would take us to the base camp where we would start our adventure. Our ride was a 1970 Yellow Army Supply truck modified to carry 15 people.

The truck ride was around 30 minutes up to the base camp where we were given our harness and other gear. There we were given some basic instruction on what to do and how to do it. We then headed over to the far side of the camp where there was a stable with mules. We where about ready to ride mules up to the top of the ride where we would start our zip line adventure back down to the base camp. The mule ride was about another 30 minutes to get us to the top of the ridge. From there we dropped off our mules with the farm hand and headed up to the first zip line station.

Click Here for a map of the course.

We than proceed to enjoy the rapid descent via several different zip lines and repel stations. There was one line that had a large pool of water at the bottom of it and you can probably guess is used to get everyone soaking wet. Under normal circumstances that would be fine but it was getting dark and the temperatures were dropping fast, so everyone was freezing cold. We continued our descent to the base camp navigating some rope bridges and a few other zip lines. When we got back to the base came it was time to change into dry clothes, oh yeah we didn’t bring dry clothes. Oh well it will be a quick trip back across the bay to the marine, oh wait the ocean is to rough for the small boat. So we had to wait for our military trucks to pick us up and drive us 1 ½ hours back to the marine instead of a 25 minute boat ride.

We finally got back to the marina around 9:00 pm. We were supposed to have dinner reservations at 8:00 so we missed those also. We finally got back to the resort around 9:30 or so. Mom was so worried that she reported us missing to one of the staff people at the resort. She kept asking if the trip we went on was safe and if she need to do anything. The lady asked how old are your children, the mom said well they’re 26, 27, 28. The lady told her not to worry that we would be back any time. We don’t worry doesn’t work for my mom, so she continued to worry for the next hour until we made it back safe and sound.

So instead of eating a nice sit down dinner at one of the fancy restaurants on the resort, we just grabbed dinner from one of the buffet areas that were open.

We spend the last night of our vacation in Mexico enjoying a few more margarita’s and relaxing.

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