Day 4 – On the way back from Mexico.

Well day 4 is here and we were scheduled to fly out at 2:55pm, so we have a few hours to kill before we leave. So, Tanya, Casey and I head over to the market area in the town next to the resort. We stopped at most of the shops; however I wasn’t able to find anything that I need or couldn’t live without.

We didn’t get back to the resort until 11:15 and again mom was worried because they changed the time we had to head to the airport. When we got there they said we could check out at 11:30. I guess they told us wrong and we were suppose to check out at 10:30 so mom was worried that we were going to get in trouble and was upset that she couldn’t find us.

The only thing that happened was that we didn’t get the free transportation back to the airport. When we got to the air port we had to have our luggage search since they didn’t have scanner they would open each suitcase and just look around to see if you had anything suspicious. We ended up getting in the wrong line and they started to search mom’s bag and when we realized we were in the wrong line we were instructed to got to a different line. When the lady went to give mom back the suitcase she forgot to close it and everything fell out on the floor, mom was a bit embarrassed.

After getting through the check point we headed up and picked up our picture from the canyon adventure and bought a couple tee shirts. We then grabbed some lunch before boarding the plane.

We left Mexico around 2:55pm and landed in Chicago at 6:50pm. Once in Chicago we had a 3 ½ hour layover so we got some dinner and sat waiting for our plane.

Casey went and bought a Sudoku book so we worked on several of those puzzles before out plane was ready to go.

We finally landed in Omaha around 11:30pm and got to the house about 12:15pm. Oh yeah I had to work the next day. 🙂

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