Bought a house in Golden

Hello everyone,

Here is another update from Colorado.  I finally found a house that I liked and put in an offer on it.  It took just about 2 1/2 weeks to get all the paperwork done and we closed on the house on 11/28 (Wed).  This was great timing because I had to be out of my temporary apartment on 12/2 (Sun), however I didn’t have much time to get the house ready.

I finally took possession on the house on 11/29 (Thursday) because we were waiting on the last set of signatures from the bank that was selling the property.  I started working on the property on Thursday evening and then all day Friday ripping out the carpet upstairs to get it ready to move into by Sunday.  I really had to be ready by Sunday because on Monday all my household possession were being delivered by the moving company.

I had to remove carpet from 2 bedrooms, hallway, living room, bathroom and kitchen.  I also had to remove a cooktop stove and a built-in microwave and range unit.

All this work was being done without heat or water.  There was a gas leak in the house so all the appliances where turned off.  I worked with a plumber on Friday to try to isolate the leak.  We finally had to rip into some of the drywall in the basement.  In all we fixed 8 leaking joints in some of the new plumbing that was done when the new furnace was put in.  The plumber that did the rework for some reason didn’t use any pipe dope on the joints.  By the in of the day we had all the gas leaks fixed, but still didn’t have any heat.  Since the gas line was locked by the local gas company we had to get a permit from the city and then have an inspector come out and inspect the work before the gas could be turned on.  Luckily my Realtor let me borrow a couple of radiant heaters which help a little bit.

I was able to stay the night at my apartment through Saturday night but come Sunday night I had to stay at the house, which still didn’t have water or heat.  I slept in my sleeping bag on the living room floor between the two heater I borrowed.  I wasn’t to bad luckily it hadn’t been as cold and the next couple of weeks were going to be.

I worked the rest of the weekend getting the house ready for movers on Monday.  The movers showed up at 8am on Monday and were done unloading everything by 9:30.  Also on Monday I had my satellite with HD hooked up.  The inspector showed up to the house around noon and gave us an a OK on the gas lines, it now was a waiting game with Excel to get the gas turned on.  I finally call Excel about 2:30pm to see when they were coming out to hook it up.  I was informed with the way the account was setup and then turned off it could take up to 3 business days to get the gas back on.  The could have pushed out heat until Friday and on Thursday we were suppose to get some really cold weather.

So Rocky and I spent another night in the house without water or heat, but this time we had a bed and some extra blankets.

Tuesday morning I had my new appliances delivered from Home Depot.  I got a new dishwasher, range and over the range microwave.  I also was getting my internet and phone hooked up this morning.  About 9am the doorbell rang and it was the gas guy from Excel here to hookup my gas, what a great surprise.   After hooking up the gas meter he kindly started my heater and water heater and we were in business.  I finally could turn on the water and not worry about the line freezing, mostly I could take a shower.

I worked Tuesday to get the kitchen up and running which included a new faucet on the sink  and a couple of new cabinets where the old cooktop and oven were.  I hung the wall cabinet that would be used to hang the microwave and then I got the microwave hooked up and mounted.  I was going to plug in the range and found out that the plug was different, so it was another trip to Home Depot.  I think my visit count in the last 4 days was somewhere around 16.

So in all I have had my house for a week and I am slowly unpacking the boxes.  I have posted some pictures of the house before I bought it and I will be posting some pictures as I update areas of the house.

I guess for now take care,


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