Its been a while.

Sorry to everyone that looks at this for updates, it has been a very long time since I wrote anything.  Here it goes some informatino for the last year.

The early part of 2008 was great I spent a lot of time in the mountains skiing and snowboarding.  It was a good year I think I made it out about 18 times.

In January I head out to Seattle to see a friend who was living there.  She showed me around the city and we did some snowboarding up at Steven’s pass.  The last day I was there we had beautiful weather and could see Mount Rainier and the Cascade’s, it was a very fun trip.

I made a few trips to Rapid City and to Kansas city for work during the first couple months of the year for various projects I was working on.  In May I got promoted to the Application Manager for our Exploration & Production department.  So far it has been challeging but every educational.  I’ve also made a few trips to Grand Junction and a trip up to Gillette, WY for work as well to better understand how our field communications work.

This spring and summer I tried to do as much climbing, mountain biking and road biking I could.  I didn’t get as much climbing in as I would have like but it gave me more desire to do more this coming summer.  I did get out on the bikes quite a few times.  I even did a 80 mile bike ride called the Cooper Triangle in August.  It was a fun ride but the last 10 miles coming up Vail Pass were brutal.  I did not have the time to participate in any triathlons or adventure races last summer, looking to possibly do a couple this summer.

As for the new house I have been doing quite a bit of work on it.  The first couple months were spent clean up.  I had to remove a wall of ivy from the outside of the house so I could look out 2 of the windows.  I removed wall paper, carpet, mirrors, lights from just about every room upstairs.  I have finished reworking the walls texturing and repainting every room.  I have put new lights and fans up in each room and even had all new windows put in the house.  Late last year I started working on the basement and finish half of it.  The half I finished had to have wall paper removed and some drywall work done.  Once that was done I textured everything and painted.  I also built new window sill out of oak for all the windows downstairs.  In January this year I started on the other half of the basement which included the basement bathroom.  This side I gutted down to the studs.  I added a bedroom to the down stairs.  I’m just finishing up the drywall getting it taped up and finished.  I also had the electrical box changed out with a new one and we added a couple of new breakers to split off some overloaded ones.  Hope to have the basement finished by the end of March.

In October last year I made a couple trips back to Omaha to see friends.  I was also able to attend the Nebraska games versus Missouri and Colorado.

I made a few trips back to see the family and help take care of things at the farm, I brought back a trailer load of tools and misc things that I wanted to keep from the farm.

That brings us to the start of this winter.  I started the winter out in great fashion, I made it to the slopes 16 times before the new year.  Which included 10 of 11 days of skiing over Christmas and New Years.  Mom, Tanya and Casey came out over Christmas we got a condo up in Dillon and did some skiing and snowmobiling.  Jerry and Katie also joined us for Christmas.  It was a fun Christmas.  The family left on my birthday, but Jerry and Katie stayed until Jan 4th.  We got a different condo for the rest of the time and stayed up in the mountains for a week skiing out our knees.

Well hopefully that gives you and idea of what I have been up to for the last year.

Until next time,


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