Day 1 – On our way to Mexico

This year for Christmas we decided to head down to Mexico. It would be myself, Mom, Tanya and Casey.

They came to Omaha on Christmas eve. We made a nice dinner in which we had the other Troy (Splichal) join us. He was suppose to be in Brazil but due to all the snow storms in Denver he didn’t make it out so he drove to Omaha and flew out from there.

Out flight was schedule to leave a 6:00 am on Christmas morning. We left for the airport at 5:00 am. We arrived to the airport in Omaha after parking the car there was a line at the United counter that was 200 people deep. We thought oh great we are going to miss our flight to Chicago. How ever after standing in the long line for a few minutes a worker announced that if you were flying international you could get in the line that had only 2 other people in it. So after checking out luggage we headed up to the gate to fly to Chicago where we had a 2 hour layover before departing for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

We landed in Puerto Vallarta around 2:00 pm. We waited for our taxi to take us to our all inclusive resort. We were standing in the sun and 85 degree weather which was a slight change from the 20 degree weather we left in Omaha. It took a while for our taxi to get there and take us to the resort. Our resort “The Royal Decameron Costa Flamingos” was about 20 miles north of the airport. After arriving at the resort we checked in got our wrist bands and headed to the rooms to drop off our luggage and then headed down to the bar to get a nice ice cold beverage.

For the rest of the day we just sat around the beach and bar areas enjoying and relaxing in the nice warm weather. We also did enjoy some of the food while we sat around.

That evening we went to the ocean front patio bar and join others in a music trivia game. After the trivia game we headed over to the theatre for a interesting dance and singing show. The show included a lot of audience participation. Casey had a guys dress in drag setting on his lap for part of the show. Then for another part of the show I was dragged up on stage along with another guy to participate in the game that included the host putting his hand on our leg and then we had to try to hit it with one of our shoes. The outcome was we both ended up with nice red spots on our legs.

After that Mom headed to be and the three of us headed over to the disco to listen to some of the music and have a few more drinks.

I think we finally called it a night about 1:30 am.

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Ragbrai XXXIV – Day 3

Day 3 a day of rest, somewhat. The third day from Audubon to Waukee from the map looked like it was going to be somewhat easier. We all awoke around 8:30 or so after a long night. We packed up came and hit the road around 9:30. Again Katie and I were riding first and Jerry was driving. The first leg was from Audubon to Guthrie Center (26.6 miles.)

Once we made it to Guthrie Center we had some lunch and sat around the area for a while. None of us were in a great mood to ride but it had to be done. I didn’t feel very good after eating and wanted to drive but Katie didn’t want to drive the last leg so I decided I would let her drive next and I would ride. The first 2 miles of the next leg were not very fun, however after that I was really glad I decided to get back on the bike and finish out this leg from Guthrie Center to Redfield (21.8 miles.) Once we got into Redfield we met up with Katie and switched drivers.

Jerry and Katie headed out and I headed toward Waukee via I-80, it only ended up being about a 20 minute drive so when I got to Waukee I parked the car and got on the bike and biked back to Adel (9.0 miles) to meet up with Jerry and Katie at one of the bars. We had a beer and talked to some guys that Jerry had met. We hung out there for a while before heading the 9 miles back to Waukee.

I finished the day with 68 miles on the odometer; I was to say the least very pleased with myself. Once we got back to the car we had to wait for Mary friend Michelle to show up so we could give her her things that were in my car. We luckily met up with them as we were riding back to the car in town. After we unloaded we headed back to Audubon to pickup Jerry and Kaite’s car and after I dropped them off I headed back to Omaha.

I got home around 9:30 and was ready to take a break before heading to bed early.

All-in-all it was a great ride and we are hoping we can do the entire week next year.

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Ragbrai XXXIV – Day 2

Day 2 was going to be a long day. We awoke around 8:00 and packed up camp. Today we would be saging a vehicle, Jerry would be driving first. That meant that Katie and I would ride the first leg of the day from Ida Grove to Boyer (24.3 miles.) The first leg was a grueling climb all the way to Boyer. It was by far the hardest day I have rode this year or last. It took us just over 2 hours to get to Boyer.

We met Jerry in Boyer and it was Katie’s turn to drive. The next leg Jerry and I would ride would be from Boyer to Arcadia (17.1 miles.) This again was another grueling climbing leg. We stopped in Arcadia for lunch. Jerry and I were suppose to continue riding from Arcadia to Manning (14.6 miles) but I was beat We all loaded up the car and drove to Manning where I dropped them off so they could ride the last 21.4 miles from Manning to Audubon.

I headed to Audubon via county roads and made it there in about 45 minutes. I headed up to the high school where we had dropped off Jerry’s car and met up with Mary and setup camp. I then went in and to a nice relaxing $5 shower; it was well worth it though.

After everyone finished riding and taking showers we headed into town to get something to eat. Mary, Kent, Michelle and I headed over to the Methodist Church for a spaghetti feed they were having. It was very good but a little expensive it was $9 for one plate of spaghetti, salad and a piece of pie.

After dinner we headed downtown to the beer garden where we watch the Audubon Idol show that was going on. Anyone could sign up for a chance to sing and win $500 bucks. The few singers we saw were actually pretty good. After the show was over Jerry and I headed back to camp to pickup our lawn chairs so we could sit outside the beer garden. We figured it would be cheaper to go get beer from the grocery store instead of buying it from the beer garden. By the time we go back the band had started, they were horrible.

We decided to play some stupid games while we drank and listen to the music. By the end of the night we were are ready to go to bed.

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Ragbrai XXXIV – Day 1

Day 1 was going to be great we woke up around 7:30 and packed up camp and hit the rode on our bikes around 8:30. This was going to be the first day all 3 of were going to get to ride together. Jerry, Katie and I didn’t have to sag (move a car along the route) this day. Mary and Kent agreed to give us a ride back from Ida Grove to Sergeant Bluffs after we go done riding.

This year we had an addition to our ride. I build a custom speaker box that attaches to a bike rack on the back of my bike. So this allowed us to listen to music via an IPOD while we were riding. It also let everyone enjoy the music while going up and down the hills of Iowa.

As we hit the rode the temperature was cool but then again it was 8:30 in the morning. The first leg of the trip was from Sergeant Bluffs to Anthon (27.5 miles.) After we arrived in Anthon we decided to grab a bite to eat before heading out on the next leg.

The next leg was from Anthon to Battle Creek (19.o miles.) In Battle Creek, we headed straight for the beer garden to grab a nice refreshing Miller Light before the last leg of the day. We stayed here for a while to enjoy the music and a few more beers.

The last leg of the ride was from Battle Creek to Ida Grove. This leg only took us 20 minutes to finish it was mostly flat if not down hill.

Once in Battle Creek we met up with Mary and Kent and then Kent, Jerry and I headed back to Sergeant Bluffs to pickup our cars. It was an hour drive back.

Once back in Sergeant Bluffs, Jerry and I decided we would just take on car all the way to the next night stop in Audubon. This was a 117 mile drive from Sergeant Bluffs via back roads. Once we got to Audubon we headed to the high school and dropped off Jerry’s car. We then headed 65 miles back to Ida Grove.

We arrived in Ida Grove around 9:30. We both were hungry so we headed down town to hit up one of the food vendors, however all but one or two vendors were close. We found one vendor that had 2 brats left so that it what we had for dinner along with a couple ears of corn.

We then headed into the beer garden to listen to the music and find the others. We had a beer then decided to head back to camp to see if we could find the others. On the way back we ran into Katie as the others headed off to bed. We made our way back up to the beer garden to have another beer before heading to bed.

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Ragbrai XXXIV

I headed up to Sioux City to my good friend Jerry’s, Mom’s house Friday night. We went downtown for dinner then went back home and I went to bed I was exhausted after a long night the night before on the adventrous “Taco Ride.”

On Saturday we got up and headed outside to do some work setting poles for a new barn they were putting up. We sat 9 poles before lunch time and then another 7 after lunch. This was a great start on getting the building up. Some of the poles were 20 foot long.

After working all day we headed over to Sergeant Bluffs for the kickoff day of Ragbrai XXXIV. We hooked up with Mary and Kent a couple that we climb with. We set up camp and then sat around drinking until we decided to head downtown for the night concert that was going on. We enjoyed the live music and beer garden for a while then headed back to camp for bed.

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Tri on the 4th of July

Hello everyone,

I know this is a little late. I really haven’t had the time to keep the updates coming. I went home over the 4th for 5 days from Friday to Tuesday.

After our weekly ride to Minoela, IA (aka “The Taco Ride) on Thursday June 29th, I headed for the Farm on Friday morning. I had to make a stop at Menards in Kearney to pickup some painting supplies and some windows for the Shop before heading to the farm.

After arriving at the farm I started to help Mom get things picked up for the party she was having that night. She was hosting Dad’s 4oth High School Class Reunion. We cleaned off the driveway and I then power washed the entire thing, boy did it need it. After the cleaning was done we set up tables and chairs for the party.

I then headed out to our new garage that we had built. My plan for the weekend was to clean the floor and put down this garage floor sealers and protector. The sealer allows for easy spill clean up.

Saturday morning I got up and started to paint the floor of the garage. The process involved painting about a 4×4 area and then sprinkling the decorative chips in the newly painted area, then repeat the process of the entire garage floor. I was able to get the first 1/3 of the garage done by noon.

Mom and I went into town (Oconto) around noon to take part in the Oconto Days celebrations. We headed to the community center for burgers. After lunch we headed back out to the farm and I finished the second 1/3 of the garage.

Mom and I headed out to Johnson Lake Saturday afternoon to spend some time with Aunt Chris. We spent a couple hours out there and then headed back to the farm for some more painting. I finally finished painting the last 1/3 of the garage about midnight.

On Sunday morning, Mark a friend of the family came out and helped me look over the wiring of the building. We worked out a plan and started wiring the building. Casey and Tanya showed up around 11:00 with another load from Menards, this time it was the new shelving for the garage. Tanya and Mom headed out to Johnson lake and Casey, Mark and I stayed at the farm to work on the wiring. We worked on the north side of the garage and got all the outlets wired. After that Mark headed home and Casey and I headed out to the lake for our family reunion.

After we had our fell of food and festivities, Mom, Casey, Cody (Lori’s husband) and I headed out to the farm to do some more wiring work. Cody helped us get the main electricity hooked up to the breaker box. This was the moment of truth was our wiring hooked up correctly or would the building burn. Nothing burned so the wiring must have been hooked up right. We continued to wire the building this time we worked on the lights so we could have more than just a portable like hooked up. Lori picked up Cody about 9pm or so and Casey and I continued to wire the building until about midnight. We got 2 of the 3 runs of light hooked up.

Monday morning Casey and I got up and headed out the the garage to finish the wiring. As we started working we realized that we were going to be short of wire. Luckily, Aunt Betty and Aunt Chris were in Kearney and then were going to head up to the farm so they swung by Menards to pickup some more wire and bring it out to us. This allowed us to get all the plug-ins wired and light finished. Uncle Jim came out and helped us finish up the wiring. After the wiring was finished we started to set up the new shelving that Casey and Tanya had picked up the day before. It will be nice to actually have a clean place to organize things.

Monday night we decided to head over to Miller for their 4th of July rodeo. We got there around 6pm and waited for it to start at 7pm. The rodeo was fun, we met up with some neighbors and sat on the back of their truck and watched the rodeo. The rodeo finished up around 10:30pm and we headed home.

Tuesday, I woke up around 6:30 to head out to Maxwell, NE for a Adventure Tri-Athlon I was going to run at 9:00. The Tri-Athlon was a .5 mile swim, 12 mile bike, and a 3 mile run. I was a little nervous since this was the first Tri I was participating in. Everything turned out great. I finished 8th overall, 7th in the competitive division and 2nd in my age group. I was happy I finished under the 1 1/2 hours I wanted to. My time was 1:29:17.

After the Tri they had lunch there for us, so I grabbed a bite to eat and then headed to the Johnson Lake to say goodbye to everyone. When I got to the lake I took a short nap before heading to Omaha.

I arrived back in Omaha around 8:00pm.

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Sad Day in our Life

For those of you that do not know. My dad Dennis Richard passed away as a result of a ATV accident that occur around 11:30 am on Friday, June 9th. The funeral was held in Oconto, NE on Tuesday June 13th.

Here is the story that was published in the Omaha World Herald: Click Here

Here is the obituary in the Lexington Clipper-Herald: Click Here

Here is the obituary from Click Here

Here is the article from KOLN/KGIN: Click Here

Here is the article from the Custer County Chief: Click Here

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